National Instruments (NI) Hungary Ltd. and HInstra partnership

We introduced our services at the opening ceremony of NI Science Park.

The most interesting element of the NI Science Park and Innovation Program is the Open Laboratory, where selected partners with an innovative idea for hardware development are granted access to the most cutting-edge NI technology. HInstra can be the very first SME who enters this lab. We are on to extend the functionality of our off-the-shelf instruments (DEDAS, HS Lock-in) with the integration of NI's hardware and software solutions.


Generating innovation

Budapest Business Journal gives an insight into our recent development activity.

HINSTRA and our role in National Instrument's (NI) Open Laboratory were introduced in the actual issue of Budapest Business Journal's Innovation magazine. A new product is on its way based on NI's cutting-edge SOM platform as we are utilizing the full palette of hardware and software resources (including LabVIEW) that are accessible in our partner's Innovation Program. This program opens up a unique opportunity for innovative startups and SMEs, like HINSTRA.