HInstra Instruments Ltd. was founded in 2011. We provide custom designed instrumentation solutions and assistance in R&D projects for both industrial and academic partners worldwide.

Based on our experience and expertise in electrical, optical and software engineering, HInstra offers a flexible and cost-effective service profile keeping quality and professionalism in focus.



Market's trend favors instruments produced in high volume, which often do not fully meet special requirements of individual projects. Furthermore, these instruments are kept on the market for a decade or so, despite the rapid technical evolution.Such mass produced instrument may hamper the success of the whole project risking huge investment and tremendous effort.

Our goal is to provide a device for our costumers, perfectly tailored to their requirements, with an extensive technical support to succeed in their groundbreaking experiments.

Our partners

Rutgers University, USA

University of Szeged, HU

Centre de Biochimie Structurale, FR

Biological Research Centre, HU

Diatron MI Plc., HU

Published papers

  • Gajdátsy G., Benedek F., Kokavecz J., Szabó G., Kornis J., Improved fiber optic device for in situ determination of electrolyte stratification in lead-acid batteries, Review of Scientific Instruments 80 125108 (2009).


  • Szabó G., Erdélyi M., Gajdátsy G., Dudás L., Optical microscope system and method carried out therewith for reconstructing an image of an object, Patent Application WO/2009/030966 (2009).